Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project No. 4 - part 1

Above - lots of parts from a car junkyard. Below - warning tape skirt and plastic bag top.
Above - some water bottles and pencils encrusted with little "things." Below - lots of stuff from Good Will & WalMart.
Above - TV with melted plastic cup flowers, black light & nails. Below - reclaimed ceramic tiles, lake glass, wire and necklaces.

Project No. 4 - part 2

Above - glass beads, vase, plant & wax. Below - wood scraps from lots of frames. My assistant in the second photo!
Above - a little man from mechanical parts (poor arms fell off). Below - boyfriend's well used skateboards made into a nightstand.
Above - glass jars loaded with things white. Below - favorite drink bottles - peace!